New Beginnings 2024

Mr. Roberts. It is 4 AM December 23, 2023. I am not a early riser, but I am up thanking God for you. I would like to express on behalf of my family and myself the most sincere thanks for your professional and outstanding representation. This has been the most stressful situation my family has ever had to face. The fact that you have stuck by my brother through the years in dealing with this very stressful case speaks volumes. We admire your work ethic, composure, determination and commitment. My brother’s life was at a standstill and because of you he can go into the 2024 with new beginning’s. Happy Holidays!

— Nicki


Hired him for 2 cases and been dealing with them for a few years now. He knows what he’s doing and seems to want a personal victory instead of just a win.

— Robert

Amazing Attorney

I have been a client of Mr. Roberts for going on a year, and he is amazing to work with and to have on your side. I have already recommended him to a few friends who really need to hire an attorney who isn’t just all talk. He walks the walk.

— Jeri

Saved My Life

I caught a first degree felony in brazoria county and was set with $100,000 bond Shawn came in and got me home in a week with a bond reduction and then he worked hard to get my case handled with out me going to prison for the next three years. The DA was orginally offered me 12 years and Shawn was able to get me probation to be able to stay free and be the husband and new father I am today. With out Shawn I am not sure where I would be but probably in prison. Don’t hesitate to hire him he was by far the biggest blessing in my situation. He is amazing in the court room and you see it from the time he enters one, that’s where he is the best!

— Ryan

Great Lawyer!! Gets results and treats you like family!

Mr. Roberts got my case dismissed and never had to step foot in a courtroom. Sean also answers calls and text’s immediately which is unusual for lawyers! Navigated my situation proficiently, and got the results he promised me!

— Mike M.

Great Work!

Shawn was a BIG part of my legal counsel. He answered my phone calls and text in a timely manner with great advise. I would highly recommend Mr. Roberts in any legal issues you may have. Polite, Friendly and Truthful. THANK YOU SHAWN!

— Luis

A life saver

I was arrested for a first degree felony drug charge along with a UCW. My cousin said that Shawn Roberts was back in Harris County and was taking cases again. I did hire him and while he was quite expensive, he was worth it! Initially the DA offered 6 years TDC! After he filed his motions and set it for trial the district attorney dismissed the first degree felony. As a result, now I don’t have a record and I can work offshore, vote etc. I went from being scared to death, certain I’d have a felony conviction if I didn’t go to prison.. until he told me that it was dismissed. I am so unbelievably fortunate and blessed and I feel a duty to help others with this review. There is no doubt that God used him to bless me and he was not like a normal good criminal defense attorney. Cocky. Arrogant , etc but from the beginning he gave all the credit for his results to God, and said the same exact thing when he told me it was dismissed. Furthermore Shawn treated me and my mom like family, and I’ll always be grateful for him(I still stay in touch to this day and he’s always asking about my family and how I’m doing. He is a smooth operator in the court room and as smart a guy as known. He has the “it” factor. That said, his best attributes are his heart and his integrity/honesty. I recommend him to ANYONE in Texas who needs an experienced trial lawyer for the impossible case or a great criminal defense attorney that gets great plea bargains bc of his trial talents and bc he cares. Shawn Roberts is the best Trial Lawyer in Harris, Brazoria, and Ft Bend counties.

Excellent Attorney! God Bless Shawn

Shawn Roberts took my son’s case on and from the start I knew that I made the correct choice. The initial attorney I had was terrible compared to Shawn. I thought I had good representation until I met Shawn. I wish I had Shawn initially. He explained what we were up against, and was very aggressive in helping my son, getting released without bail. They tried to revoke probation, and keep my son in jail for 3 months. Shawn got him seen within two weeks. He’s an extremely professional and personable. He will always be my go-to attorney for any issue me or my family may need. I endorse Shawn wholeheartedly and count him as a friend. You will not be disappointed you have him representing you. God bless you, Shawn!

— William


My son was facing a Felony charge for possession of marijuana in Texas. My son is young and has his life in front of him a felony charge would definitely challenge his future possibilities. He is a good kid that made a mistake. We were terrified. We had no experience with the law or what to do, Shawn met with my us. He explained what he thought he could do. His words felt sincere. He was understanding and concerned. My son’s charge was dropped to a misdemeanor class B and hopefully sealed. I was skeptical after I read the internet stories…but I took a chance because he seemed genuine and Shawn did come through!

— Cathy

The Best

Shawn Roberts is simply “The Best”, came on my defense team and literally from day one heard me out and went straight to work! You want a lawyer who stands for the people, Shawn Roberts is the MAN! I was facing a 25 to life sentence, Shawn Roberts is the best trial lawyer !

— Christopher
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