My Savior

When I were arrested under a secret warrant. I were virtually being kidnapped. I were hold without bond for eight months. I am able to make bond on the Memorial weekend 2018. The bond were very high then usual. My legal battle is far from being over. The case had been going for over two years. I have hired three attorneys before ROBERTS. The DA claimed this is a slam dunk case since my co-defendant had pleaded guilty. The DA’s offer is eight years or the case will go to trial. ROBERTS had makes five court appearances before the trial date. On trial date, the DA’s offer is four years which I declined. Then the DA came back with four years deferred probation which I also declined ROBERTS is the real David Copperfield in the court room. He is impeccable. The court is ready to pick the jury and the DA’s witnesses are presented. ROBRRTS accomplished an amazing outcome which I couldn’t never imagined . He got all of my charges dismissed. NO TRIAL. Just like a dream as I walk out the courtroom as a free man. Unbelievable. I can’t thanks ROBERTS enough. I want everyone to know if you are in trouble or knowing someone whom is in trouble. Please call ROBERTS . You will be well represented and your consitutional rights are fully protected. Our freedom is priceless.

— Thuan

Great Lawyer

When I met and hired Shawn it quickly became apparent that the man knew the law and more importantly how to apply it to my multiple felonies. What set him apart from other attorneys was his working relationships with the people in the courts. After hiring Shawn the felony drug charges I had in 1 county just went away! Hire this man!

— Steve

” O Lord, how great are Your works!” Psalm 92:5

I am giving thanks to God this morning for blessing Shawn Roberts with the capabilities of having the knowledge, skills, experience and compassion to represent his clients. Hiring a lawyer is a major investment and it can be mind boggling choosing the right representation. Just know this, your freedom depends on it. After hiring Shawn he not only became the best attorney for my son but he also became a friend. He personally handles his cases as if he would handle his own family members.

— Kathryn

Best Lawyer In Texas

Shawn Roberts is the best lawyer in the state of Texas. I got Arrested unlawfully and the arresting officer violated my civil rights. I hired Shawn as my lawyer and he got my case dismissed before we ever went to court. He stayed on top of my case worked day in and day out. He was always in contact with me and let me know the updates on my case frequently. Shawn was referred to me by another individual who’s case he got dismissed. I’ve always heard that Shawn was a greart lawyer who does a great job on cases. It’s a Fact.

— Xavier

I’m free cause of him

This man has the knowledge and understanding of wrongfully accused and will fight to prove it he is always on time and returns calls and text most of all has the fire and Holy Spirit to go against the evil ways of the justice system must spend u money with him.. I’m free cause of him and Gods glory

— Markus

Always on point!

Great lawyer! Always on point! Very dependable and easy to work with! Because of Mr. Roberts the Felony charges were dismissed! I highly recommend him!! You will not be disappointed!

— Anonymous

Best lawyer to deal with possession charges

He is the best lawyer to deal with possession charges , and failure to appear i had one failure to appear charge and 2 possession charges. i received minimum punishment due to Mr Shawn Roberts representing me. He also resolved my cases in a timely matter. I would highly recommend him to anyone deal with criminal charges. Sincerely another satisfied clint , dillon thomas.

Highly recommend, one of the best lawyers out there

Shawn Roberts is very professional and knows how to do his job. He was able to reduced a sentence from 5 years to a month. Not only that but he was also able to take off probation. Can’t go wrong with hiring Shawn.
— Valeria

Satisfied client

I just wanna say this is the lawyer you want on your case. If your reading this and searching for a lawyer stop cause this is the one u want. I had 3 first degree felony drug charges. In a county that is known to b the most tuff to go against. Mr.Roberts was there to get me out of jail on all 3 charges and on a few occasions not even having half the bond money. Was there the same or next day. He worked with me on the rate that he charged.

— Jason T.

He is one of the best lawyer around beat three major cases

— Anonymous
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