When it comes to my job/career I’m as competitive and driven as anyone I’ve ever met or known. I am known for taking a personal interest in my clients and their well beings, and zealously representing them, even at the cost of stepping on the oppositions toes. I had much success at an early age and was fortunate to have exceptional people around me, and to mentor me.

Throughout the years I have been fortunate to represent some of the most popular and legendary professional athletes in history (especially from Texas-like Rodney Thomas and Quentin Jammer) as well as practicing law on a very high level. I was fortunate to be trained and mentored by the best lawyers to ever live after having been one of the youngest lawyers ever accepted and to be a graduate of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College. From Gerry Spence to Johnny Cochran, Rikki Kliemann, Joe Jamail, Robert Shapiro, Garvin Isaacs, Milton Grimes, Richard “Racehorse” Haynes, Morris Dees, and many many others I was given nearly unprecedented access to their vast and cumulative knowledge and spent several summers at Gerry’s.

Currently I have the privilege of officing with some the elite criminal lawyers in Houston and am blessed to be in such select company, and be able to bounce ideas off each other, help each other, and at times try cases together. Further I was considered by my peers and former clients to be as talented, gifted, and honorable as any of the other lawyers in my generation. Several lawyers and Judges referred to me as “the most gifted attorney to ever come out of Brazoria County”. I have the results, references, and accolades that firmly establishes me in select company – setting records and compiling over 15 years of not guilty verdicts, dismissals, and plea bargains as a Criminal Trial Lawyer with few blemishes.