A life saver

I was arrested for a first degree felony drug charge along with a UCW. My cousin said that Shawn Roberts was back in Harris County and was taking cases again. I did hire him and while he was quite expensive, he was worth it! Initially the DA offered 6 years TDC! After he filed his motions and set it for trial the district attorney dismissed the first degree felony. As a result, now I don’t have a record and I can work offshore, vote etc. I went from being scared to death, certain I’d have a felony conviction if I didn’t go to prison.. until he told me that it was dismissed. I am so unbelievably fortunate and blessed and I feel a duty to help others with this review. There is no doubt that God used him to bless me and he was not like a normal good criminal defense attorney. Cocky. Arrogant , etc but from the beginning he gave all the credit for his results to God, and said the same exact thing when he told me it was dismissed. Furthermore Shawn treated me and my mom like family, and I’ll always be grateful for him(I still stay in touch to this day and he’s always asking about my family and how I’m doing. He is a smooth operator in the court room and as smart a guy as known. He has the “it” factor. That said, his best attributes are his heart and his integrity/honesty. I recommend him to ANYONE in Texas who needs an experienced trial lawyer for the impossible case or a great criminal defense attorney that gets great plea bargains bc of his trial talents and bc he cares. Shawn Roberts is the best Trial Lawyer in Harris, Brazoria, and Ft Bend counties.

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