My Savior

When I were arrested under a secret warrant. I were virtually being kidnapped. I were hold without bond for eight months. I am able to make bond on the Memorial weekend 2018. The bond were very high then usual. My legal battle is far from being over. The case had been going for over two years. I have hired three attorneys before ROBERTS. The DA claimed this is a slam dunk case since my co-defendant had pleaded guilty. The DA’s offer is eight years or the case will go to trial. ROBERTS had makes five court appearances before the trial date. On trial date, the DA’s offer is four years which I declined. Then the DA came back with four years deferred probation which I also declined ROBERTS is the real David Copperfield in the court room. He is impeccable. The court is ready to pick the jury and the DA’s witnesses are presented. ROBRRTS accomplished an amazing outcome which I couldn’t never imagined . He got all of my charges dismissed. NO TRIAL. Just like a dream as I walk out the courtroom as a free man. Unbelievable. I can’t thanks ROBERTS enough. I want everyone to know if you are in trouble or knowing someone whom is in trouble. Please call ROBERTS . You will be well represented and your consitutional rights are fully protected. Our freedom is priceless.

— Thuan
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